Modi’s keeping an eye on ministers

June 07 2014

Narendra Modi is keeping an eye on his officers and ministers. Not just the ministers, their personal staff is also under the scanner of investigative agencies – who they meet, who visits them, their phone call records are also sifted through. Ministers have been told that their process to take decisions should follow processes and be transparent and that more significant decisions be taken in consultation and green signal from the PMO. So much so that to pass a file that deals with more than Rs one crore has to be sent to the PMO. The lifestyles of ministers are also changing and tough times are ahead for those who sleep late and wake up late in the morning. Some ministers have even confessed that sometimes the Prime Minister even calls them at six am and some of them are asked to reach the PMO in half an hour. So not only has the Nizam of Delhi changed, but also the way work and business is conducted.

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