Modi’s cutting-edge campaigning

December 22 2013

Everybody is trying to think out of the box when it comes to political strategies. Narendra Modi believes in giving his campaign movement a cutting edge; his election campaign is already armed with Web Tool 2.0’s multi-faceted internet know-how such as Twitter, Facebook, Hangout and Podcasts. Preparations are now on to take Modi’s 3D rath to small towns and cities. Instead of the traditional posters will be 3D and LED technique-enabled life-like cut-outs of Modi in metro cities and B-towns. The next elections will see more than 12 crore youth casting their votes for the first time. To entice this group, a Chinese company is designing a smartphone that will come with a ‘Super NaMo’ Theme and these smartphones will be distributed among more than  50,000 young people of India. More than 25 Apps are being designed that will keep Modi’s campaign in mind and while will project him as the hero. These include apps such as Modi Games like  Modi Run and poll Apps like Modi vs Rahul. Just like Kejriwal’s strategy, Modi is using the ‘Robot Calling’ Technique to get his message delivered to the voters directly. There is no question of silence in this high-decibel election campaigning.

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