Modi’s call to Shivraj

June 05 2016

After facing strong opposition to several bills in the Rajya Sabha, the top saffron leader Narendra Modi is behaving differently. He has faced a lot of ruckus and personal attacks against him in the Rajya Sabha as well. As a result, he has made up his mind to ensure BJP and BJP-supported candidates make it to the Rajya Sabha. Congress’ candidate from Madhya Pradesh has the support of 57 MLAs the moment. They need 58 votes; one is in the by-elections. It is said Modi has called Shivraj Singh about this seat no less than three times, and has warned him that this time should not be like what happened at Jhabua, and that he should give this all he’s got. Thus, this by-election has now become a matter of prestige for Shivraj.

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