Modi upset with those who are his own

October 12 2015

When Narendra Modi was advancing to his helicopter after a rally in Bihar, a swayamsevak, an old hand with the Sangh as well as a district commissioner from the BJP, handed over a piece of paper to Modi. Modi took the paper, folded it, and kept it in his pocket. The minute the helicopter lifted off the ground, Modi started to read the note, which said something like this: Dear sir, despite being a prime minister, you are so concerned about Bihar’s Assembly elections, and doing all you can to ensure the BJP’s win in the state. At the same time, there is no paucity of top BJP leaders in the state, who are only trying to grab as much money as they can. So much so that several of them are auctioning party tickets, and the rate of BJP’s tickets have gone up to Rs two-three crore. Committed party member have been ignored, and the party has got several businessmen as candidates from different parts of the state.” It seems this has really upset the prime minister. When he arrived on the stage for the next rally, his face was flushed with anger. When Sushil Modi bent down to welcome him, the prime minister’s face showed clear signs of indifference. Although he did pat the local BJP’s back with enthusiasm as a greeting.

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