Modi the rockstar

November 27 2012

It’s a case of sour grapes. No matter how much the Congress runs down Modi’s high-tech initiative and new holographic 3D campaigning, the truth is that this unique campaign model has worried the Congress managers. And now an American PR company, which is responsible for working on Rahul Gandhi’s image, is trying to come up with something similar. The technology used by Narendra Modi has patent rights with a company called Musion in the UK and it has a contract with Modi until 2014. Under the contract, no other leader in India can use it before 2014. That is because Musion has a policy wherein it takes up only one leader in a country as a partner and charges quite a neat sum for the same. Before this, the company has used the technology for rockstars such as Madonna and Black Eyes Peas. And Narendra Modi fans in India consider him nothing less than a rockstar.

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