Modi praises Tharoor

August 02 2015

Seeing the way things are going in the Monsoon Session, BJP and its leader Narendra Modi are being forced to change their strategy. Led by Modi, the government’s floor managers have strategized that they will have to have pleasant relations with the leaders of Opposition parties such as the Congress. Modi was impressed with Shashi Tharoor’s extempore debate; he had decided he will stand up and praise the latter for it and that all BJP leaders will slap their desks in approval. But when Modi didn’t get a chance to do this in the Parliament, he showered his praise upon Tharoor during the Speaker’s meeting in the Parliament Annexe. The news spread. When Tharoor said that the Parliament should be allowed to function during the Congress’ core committee meeting, Sonia and Rahul put his down in one voice. But on non-Congress platforms, Tharoor is still not shying from praising Modi.

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