Modi-Didi’s newfound friendship

May 08 2015

Didi’s special man Derek O’ Brian has a big role to play in taking Mamata and Modi’s relations to newer, more pleasant heights. He met with Arun Jaitley and initiated the solving of several unpleasant matters, the CBI and the Sharada scam, for instance. Trinamool changed its political stance right after that in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. Didi and Modi started to talk on the phone off and on, and the Central treasury’s mouth opened up for Bengal. Modi took Didi into confidence before his China trip and managed to sort out matters that had remained unsolved for a decade during the UPA rule – land matters with Bangladesh and Teesta water controversy, for instance. Didi has become softer on the Land Bill, too. She received the PM when he went for his Kolkata tour and the two leaders are set to share stage in at least two programmes. Politics can be heard and seen, just like a cock’s morning cry.

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