Modi can contest from two places in 2024

February 14 2023

Can Modi contest from Varanasi as well as any other Lok Sabha seat in South India in the 2024 general elections? If the claims of sources associated with the BJP are to be believed, then the answer is ‘yes’. The reason is very clear, at present the graph of BJP is on the upswing in the states of North and West India and gradually BJP has made inroads in the states of East also. The BJP’s real concern is about the 128 seats in the south where regional parties, including the Congress, continue to hold sway. The BJP is confident that ‘the arrow in its quiver named Modi, is the only answer to all these challenges.’ Sources associated with the BJP claim that ‘Ramanathapuram seat in Tamil Nadu is one of Modi’s favorite seats in the 2024 general elections from where he can think of contesting elections. BJP needs one such ‘master stroke’ for its expansion in South India. Apart from Ramanathapuram, the saffron party is already trying to gauge the public mood in Madurai and Coimbatore. If we talk about Ramanathapuram, the BJP was at the third place here, but by the time the 2019 Lok Sabha elections came, the BJP joined the main fight here and it stood at the second place. How South India fares in the agenda of Modi and BJP can be understand from two examples. ‘Tamil Sangam’ was started with great fanfare in Kashi and at the inauguration of ‘Central Vista’ in Delhi, PM recited the poem of Tamil Mahakavi Bharatiyar i.e. Subrahmanyam Bharathi. Modi’s expressions and his conduct itself give indications of his future strategies.

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