Modi-Bhagwat meeting

September 13 2015

Unlike the Delhi elections, Sangh’s swayamsevaks are working day and night for the Bihar Assembly elections. Modi and several other senior BJP ministers took part in Sangh’s three-day meeting that took place in Delhi. The meeting between Sangh and the BJP was about strategizing for the future, and it was also decided which points of the agenda the Modi government will work on. In a meeting between a smaller group, Modi and Mohan Bhagwat met face to face. Sources say that Bhagwat asked Modi what his government was doing about Ram Mandir and the Uniform Civil Code. When Modi asked for more time, Bhagwat reminded him one-and-a-half years of the BJP government had already passed. In such a scenario, the coming one year is crucial to set the Hindu agenda, otherwise the BJP will say it will work on the agenda in the next tenure. Modi patiently listened to what Bhagwat had to say and said, “You will have to give me more time to work on these issues.” What other option did Bhagwat have but to agree?

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