MNS and Shiv Sena to become one

November 20 2012

MNS will soon be merged with Shiv Sena. It is being said that because of his latest behaviour, Raj Thackeray’s acceptance has increased. The way he went to meet Uddhav, was with Bal Thackeray like a shadow when he was unwell and so on. Also, Raj’s organisation of MNS is still not complete. Shiv Sainiks also want that both brothers should stay together. Raj has his uncle Bal Thackeray’s charisma. Uddhav too is agitated about his current health situation. A miracle might just be in the offing with Raj’s charisma and Shiv Sena’s prowess as an organisation. Uddhav’s son Aditya is said to be pretty close to his uncle Raj. It is possible that Raj may teach the nuances of politics to Uddahv’s son, just like his own uncle Bal Thackeray had done with him in the past.

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