Mishra ‘Defends’

April 17 2017

Minister Manoj Sinha may have lost out in the battle of wits to grab the top job in UP, but he is nowhere near fading into the horizon, no Sir! And how can he, being the darling of all three in the saffron triumvirate… Shah, Modi as well as the RSS? Sources say that a few days ago when the parliament was in session, Sinha had organised a dinner at his official residence. Coincidentally, a karge chunk of the invitees were MPs from the Poorvanchal region, or eastern UP. They all expressed their unanimous sadness at Sinha not having made the UP CM. They said that being such a good man, so well-mannered and one who works for everyone ought to have become the CM, so that even the MPs could benefit. “Now it has become impossible to have word edgewise with Yogi,” the decried. Seeing such a groundswell of support from his fellow MPs, Sinha was excited. He assured them, tactfully: “Don’t worry. I think I will be given a much higher responsibility, in which I can defend all of you.” That was enough for the MPs to realise that in the much awaited Modi Cabinet reshuffle, Sinha has possibly been promised the Defence Ministry. After the dinner, one of the backward caste MPs blipped to his favourite scribe: Sinhaji will become defence minister. The moment Sinha’s PS got the grapevine, he summoned the MP and warned to keep his lips sealed, saying as much that in this government, that which comes in news before things happen die a sudden death!

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