Mired Congress

June 19 2017

Nothing seems to be going right with the Congress these days. Let alone friends, even political allies are turning their pushes into shoves. Scuttlebutt is that during a recent meeting at 10 Janpath on finding a consensual opposition candidate for the position of the next President of the country, Naresh Agarwal told her to quickly settle the matter of her son-in-law Robert Vadra. Agarwal said quite bluntly: “Unless you do that, it will not only cost the Congress but will also become a prickly bone in the throat of the allied parties.” Sonia, to say the least was taken aback at the abrupt change of discourse. Gathering her wits back in a few moments, sources say, she mumbled: “We are not involved in that, but I shall see!”
Insiders reveal that after Agarwal departed, Sonia told a confidante with a sigh: “Ah! These are the people who would once grovel to meet me… now look at them!”

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