‘Miraculous’ Anar

August 15 2020

Anar Patel, the darling daughter of Anandi Ben Patel – Governor of big states like Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, has always loved to make headlines. If sources are to be believed, she may contest from her mother’s traditional seat Patan or Ghatlodia in the upcoming Gujarat Assembly elections of 2022. It is said that these days Anar is spending more and more time in working on the grass roots. If sources are to be believed, Chhattisgarh’s Congress Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel was so impressed with Anar’s work that he has invited him to Raipur and asked him to cooperate in building a film city. Years back, Anar, together with Vandana Agarwal, formed the institution of ‘Gramshree’, a period when the state was in the hands of her mother. Anar’s organization strives to keep the local craftsmenship alive and their organization also undertakes to preserve the legacy of traditional crafts and arts. When Anandiben Patel bid goodbye to active politics, she wanted her traditional Ghatlodia seat to be given to Anar. The seat now comes under Gandhinagar Lok Sabha constituency and in the 2017 assembly elections, this seat was given to Bhupendra Patel, who was elected MLA from there. So, this time Anar may consider Patan seat for herself.

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