Minimizing losses

July 31 2016

The PM himself is worried at the changing political winds in UP. The survey he got conducted in the state after the Dayashankar fiasco has added to the worry lines on the party high command’s forehead. You can see a clear demarcation of votes between the Dalits and upper castes after the Dayashankar matter. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP had got only 35-37 per cent Dalit (non-Jatav) votes. Now the survey shows this has shrunk to 7-9 per cent. In the 2014 elections, the BJP had got 80-85 per cent votes from the upper castes, and now this has shrunk to 55 per cent. Sources say Modi has told his reliable Hanuman Shah clearly that he should not make the UP elections a matter of prestige either for the PM or for himself. He should refrain himself from organizing nearly-daily programmes in the state for himself, and also organize the PM’s meetings once in 45 days. Who can sense the echoes of times to come better than Modi.

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