Meghwal’s Misery

December 15 2017

There was a time when anyone from RSS in the Modi government could get their errands done without much ado. But times, as they say, ‘they are A-changin’. Now insiders say Modi’s entire focus is to improve on his government’s performance. This was clear when the Enforcement Directorate sleuths went to raid the home of a big trader, but then minister of state for finance, Arjun Meghwal stopped the raid by using his clout. When the news leaked to PM Modi, he summoned Meghwal and gave him an earful. Modi reportedly said that for his government, everyone was equal before the law. It is learnt that this triggered a decision and Meghwal was soon shown the door out of the finance ministry. No wonder then that even the Sangh mandarins in Nagpur have nowadays limited themselves to giving guidelines to the Modi government.

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