Mayawati’s New Media Romance

February 12 2017

Times change and with it, the heavy-footed ambulating of the elephant changes too. Times have changed and the lady too has! Mayawati is now all honey and milk with the media. She had shunned the media all along. But a week before the first phase of polls in her state, UP, she invited four senior scribes of Lucknow for tea. Amongst them was the editor of one of UP’s top newspapers. Also present at Behanji’s tea meet were two of her closest confidants, Satish Mishra and Ambith Rajan. Just when the four sat down at the table for tea, Behanji asked her confidants to leave. Then she asked the journalists: “Tell me, why is it that you portray me as a small player in the elections. Is Akhilesh behind this?” Apparently, she was told: “As such, if you see, such decisions come from the bosses, the top management, that is. But we can tell you this much at least, that you have never cultivated relationships with either journalists or with media houses. You do not even give advertisements for your election campaign in the newspapers. So how do you think anyone will support you?” So, divine wisdom finally landed on Behanji. And no sooner, BSP ads appeared in all three top newspapers of the state. That too, full page ads!

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