Mayavati’s Operation 17

July 12 2015

Mayavati has already started her campaigning process at Uttar Pradesh’s Ground Zero. She doesn’t want to repeat any mistake for the 2017 Assembly elections, which might see her lose yet again. Sources reveal that apart from the party cadre, Behenji has started an initiative to initiate young people into the party, and pays them salary. These young people are moving around from villages and towns, talking about Akhilesh’s wrongdoings, and are reminding them of the scenario pre-2012, when the law and order situation was much better than what it is now. Ministers who had cases of corruption against them would tender their resignations instantly. In the SP government, they are not asked to vacate their seats even after their wrongdoing has been proven. Apart from these, a few of Mayavati’s confidantes are in touch with the saffron party, which indicates that if the numbers are less for Behenji in the 2017 elections, she is ready to form a government in with support from the BJP.

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