Maria’s ways prove costly for him

September 13 2015

A big question that is taunting the BJP and its claims of being ethical and clean is: what were the compulsions that Mumbai’s Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria had to be promoted in a hurry and transferred as the DG of Home Guards? To top it, this happened when he was just about to unravel the truth behind the Sheena murder case. Did Maharashtra’s young Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis get orders from “high above” that he had to sign Maria’s file at 2.30 am in the morning before leaving for Japan? Highly-placed sources have given the news that Maria was questioning Peter Mukherjea from all angles and one of the matters that emerged was in connection with money laundering, that is, Hawala. Sources say that one of the top industrialists of India came under a shadow of suspicion in the money laundering case. Apart from him, the names of two other industrialists associated with the Bombay Club are also being mentioned. The role of at least two senior Cabinet ministers in this cannot be ignored either. A daughter of one of these Cabinet ministers was seen lobbying in support of Peter, too. After all the noise about Modi raj, the reality that emerged was nothing but a trickle of blood.

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