Marauded Marandi?

April 17 2017

They say that a top industrialist of West Bengal, who has also his own daily newspapers in neighbouring Bihar and Jharkhand, took an initiative to set up a meeting between former Jharkhand CM and an ex-BJPite, Babulal Marandi, with BJP supremo Amit Shah. Sources tell us that the Machiavellian political engineer Shah told Marandi: “Your leaders are all running about here and there. Instead of that, you should come with all of them and merge your party into my party. I cannot assure you the post of the CM in Jharkhand, but surely we will make you a Rajya Sabha member and also bring you into the Central ministry.” It seemed like a fruitful meeting, after all, and Marandi asked for a while to weigh his bulls, and took the next flight to Ranchi. As he sat down on his seat, next to him was sitting another top industrialist. The latter said: “This is unacceptable indignity showered on you by the BJP, so why don’t you join the Congress? I shall arrange for you to meet Rahul Gandhi personally.” On hearing that, emplaned sources reveal that Marandi put his hands up to his forehead in obeisance to the Almighty: “In your world, when it rains, it pours!”

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