Mamta is no less

April 21 2021

Mamta Banerjee has also not allowed the lack of resources for her party in the Bengal elections and she is also spending money in this election more than the BJP. The BJP claims that the widespread appointment of paramilitary forces in the Bengal elections has exposed Mamata. Firstly, a large number of Bangladeshi citizens illegally came and captured the polling booths in the elections. At the same time, in a changed scenario, Mamata is not able to reach her ground-level cadre properly. The BJP claims that more than 250 crore rupees of cash of the Trinamool have been seized by the paramilitary forces. At the same time, the Trinamool is confident that Mamata will form the government in the state this time too because TMC is getting outright votes of 29 percent of the Muslims of the state. Moreover, women have also openly supported Mamta. So, the party leaders claim that Trinamool will cross the figure of 150. At the same time, the BJP can be reduced to 100-125 seats.

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