Mamata’s anxiety and Uddhav’s friendship

June 06 2020

The tussle as to how many ‘Shramik Special’ trains will be given to which state had not even ended that the Amphan cyclone hit West Bengal and Odisha. In this, the railways announced a train from Mumbai to Kolkata. After Amphan, several parts of Kolkata and even the entire state had been badly hit as electricity poles had been uprooted, waterlogging in cities had occurred and there were pressing issues of electricity and water supply. When Mamata started worrying that if Shramik express brings in more people, how then will the state make arrangements for them and how will these people be sent to different parts of the state. Mamata believed that there was some ‘trick; on Centre’s part and thus she immediately called Uddhav and sought his help. Mamata argued that in this time if they come across positive patients, how and where will they keep them. Uddhav on the other hand reportedly told Mamata, “Didi, do not worry. The Bengali workers who want to go back we will speak with them and will try to hold them here. We will also try to find jobs for them here so that they stay in Maharashtra”. it was after this that Mamata took a breath of relief.

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