Mamata upset with Rajnath

July 26 2014

Now the question is why did Didi not consider it important enough to take Rajnath Singh’s calls? Sources close to Didi claim that she is upset with Rajnath nowadays. BJP’s Bengal chief Rahul Sinha had given a memorandum to the governor about the deteriorating law and order situation in the state. Showing his proactive stance as the home minister, Rajnath Singh had asked an answer to the same from Didi in Bengal. This upset Didi no ends, although the NDA government itself has its own axe to grind with Didi. The prime minister himself wants to get an investigation done by the CBI on the Sharada chit fund scam, and Mamata and those close to her may feel the heat of this. For now, Rajnath Singh had put his in the back burner and is extending a friendly hand to Didi. But how long will this last?

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