‘Malik’ managed

January 11 2015

Twelve seats of Uttar Pradesh’s legislative council will fall vacant on coming January 30, seven of which belong to Samajwadi Party’s quota. Therefore, those who could not make it to Rajya Sabha during Mulayam’s period are eying a MLC seat. Mulayam has already filed 7 names, where seventh name was that of SP’s Jaswant Singh. However, Aashu Malik was also keen on this this seat. Just to remind, Malik had played important role in bringing Mulayam and Ahmad Bukhari together. Currently he is with Arshad Madani, rather he takes full credit for bringing Mulayam and Madani together as well. It has come to light that recently Madani had called up Mulayam and told him that, ‘if his words have no value then what is the need for their association? Mulayam took no time and immediately replaced Jaswant Singh with that of Ashu Malik.

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