Mahesh is a mastermind

February 23 2016

Central minister Mahesh Sharma has emerged as a prominent player in the saffron politics. His recent rise in importance has worried even UP’s heavyweight leaders. Socially smart and a gregarious Sharma’s doors are always open to people from the UP; as a result, in the presence of local politicians, industrialists, and media people, Sharma does not forget to mention how he has connections with the PM and PMO. For political acrobatics, Sharma doesn’t shy away from theatrics either; for instance, in the presence of people, he makes it a point to call up the PMO to ask what time he has to be there. An industrialist from UP told about this to UP’s most powerful leader Rajnath Singh and asked him if Mahesh Sharma has indeed become one of the closest persons of the prime minister. Sources say Rajnath Singh couldn’t wait to know more and without mincing his words, asked the same to the PM. Modi laughed at Rajnath’s innocent question and said it was nothing of the sort. It was just that since Mahesh Sharma was taking care of his constituency Varanasi, he keeps visiting the PMO, and that it is a routine work. He also added that Sharma doesn’t meet Modi often, and that he gives his progress report of the officers, and leaves. PM also told Rajnath that he had given this task earlier to Railway Minister of State Manoj Sinha, but he wasn’t as tactful as Sharma. It was only after hearing this that the Thakur leader heaved a sigh of relief.

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