Lokpal toes the Congress line

February 08 2014

Who will be the next Lokpal? The Congress is extremely excited about choosing the next Lokpal. The Congress-led UPA government is in such a hurry to appoint someone that it doesn’t even have the time to hear out the issues the Opposition parties may have with it. A meeting on February 3 was held regarding the Lokpal’s appointment and the meeting was attended by the Prime Minister, Speaker of the Lok Sabha, leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha, and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India. Brushing aside Sushma Swaraj’s strong objection about it, the name of P P Rao has been finalised. It is the same Rao who is considered to be extremely close to the Gandhi family. The file has been sent to the President for his signature. But his name has still not been sanctioned by the President and one wonders why. What is the reason behind this delay? The question is a million dollar one. In any case, what with cases such as Coalgate, 3G, Augusta Wasteland, Highway Scam and so on, there is a definitely for a Congress-supporting Lokpal to take care of these cases. 

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