Left Right Out

April 17 2017

The survey agency had many questions that were to deal with the comparative popularity graphs of RaGa and NaMo, but the picture is so abysmally against the former, that it is just polite to skim over it. Rather, the agency had, in the light of the fact that many states will be going to the polls before 2019, tried to assess the BJP’s future there. It seems Modism is set to hit the skies: the saffron flag is set to fly over states like Gujarat, Himachal and other states. It is way ahead in states like Tripura and Karnataka, and in Odisha too, the party is going to shine, the survey assured Shah. But the shocker is that in what people once used to call the Red Bastion, in West Bengal, it is doubtful if the CPIM will even be able open its account. It will likely get just four seats across the country, two in Tripura and two in Kerala. So the Left seems to be right out!

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