Leaving Tughlaq Lane was ‘lucky’ for Rahul

May 28 2023

Many strange decisions remain imprisoned in the womb of destiny. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also got caught in the web woven by the BJP and he had to leave his official residence – 12 Tughlaq Lane – where he was living for the last 19 years, due to an unwanted decision of the Surat court. Therefore, he shifted to his mother’s house at 10 Janpath. Rajkumar Sharma, a well-known astrologer from Mumbai, has circumambulated 12 Tughlaq Lane in the past and has shared many important information regarding Vastudosh there. According to Pandit Sharma, 12 Tughlaq Lane is a south-facing house, which is not good in terms of Vastu, due to which ‘negative energy’ prevails in this house. This was the reason that Congress had to face defeat for the last several years. Rahul too lost from Amethi. Congress seats in the Lok Sabha decreased continuously and many strong leaders of the party left the Congress and went elsewhere. At one point, Rahul’s recognition in the party itself was reduced to a great extent. Pandit Sharma says that ‘the day Rahul left 12 Tughlaq Lane, his rise begun.’ Congress wins Karnataka with thunder and drumbeat and its prospects look better in upcoming 5 state assembly elections. Pandit ji says that ‘Rahul Gandhi’s zodiac sign is Scorpio and the ascendant is Cancer. From December 2022, Rahul’s ‘Chandra Mahadasha’ has started which will continue till 2032. This dasha is indicating towards a positive change. May the days ahead be bright and full of hope for Rahul, his shifting to 10 Janpath during this period is also an auspicious one.

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