Lalu’s dilemma

May 14 2013

The media played up the news that Lalu Prasad who got injured in a car accident in Raghopur and that Narendra Modi called him to enquire about his health. Obviously, those who are not with Lalu were extremely happy with this news and Lalu himself was pretty upset. What had happened was actually a faux pas by Lalu’s personal assistant. When Lalu’s personal assistant answered the phone, he was told from the other side of the phone that Modi ji would like to enquire about Lalu ji’s health. The PA thought the phone was from Bihar’s vice chief minister Sushil Modi and he transferred the phone call to Lalu ji. By the time Lalu could understand the whole thing, Modi had already asked him how he was. And now Lalu didn’t want to mention the incident to anyone. But Modi had already leaked the news of the media.

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