Lady Singham

February 12 2013

A case has been registered in the Women’s Commission against Akhilesh’s UP government’s rural industry minister Rajaram Pandey. And for the fact that he went out of his way to praise the womanly grace and beauty of DM K Dhanalakshmi. Mr minister, who is from the Sultanpur constituency, started one of his speeches praising the district magistrate’s voice, beauty and her figure. The minister also didn’t forget to mention that the DM before her, Kamini Ratan Chauhan, was a stunning beauty as well. This matter is not just about UP. Even in Bihar, one of the IAS officers of the 2008 batch is popular for her beauty and fearless nature. So much so that she is referred to as Lady Singham in Bihar. The state’s vice-chief minister Sushil Modi is the first one to come to her defence and keep meeting her on the pretext of helping her solve cases. “Madam is new on the job and doesn’t know too much yet,” he says. But the public knows everything.

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