Khattar ji’s faux pas

October 22 2015

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar is caught in a bind after his interview about beef, which he gave to an English newspaper. The Sangh leadership may well be patting its brave soldier on the back secretly, but the BJP has distanced itself from his statement. Now Mr Khattar feels one of his own ministers has tried to frame him. A few days ago, some prominent builders met with the chief minister and had complained about a minister saying, “Your minister had taken a lot of money from us during the Assembly elections, but none of our demands have been met. Because the money had been taken in the name of party fund, you must get our work done.” Sources say Khattar was extremely angry after he heard the builders and he said, “I am a CM, not a middleman; I don’t work for money. And if this minister of ours didn’t have the protection of a Central minister, I would have made him go long ago.” When this particular minister found out what had transpired, he went to the CM with his complaint, and said, “You should not have said such things about me.” To this, Khattar retorted and said, “You are after my chair all the time.” Sources say Khattar sahib is now planning to go to the party high command to complain about this minister.

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