Keshav is on door, Yogi, what are you focussed on?

October 20 2020

It appears as if BJP’s enchanting star Yogi Adityanath’s uninterrupted saffron journey has marred by a bad omen. There was a time when he was counted among the most powerful Chief Ministers of BJP, and even after all the news of ‘fall-out’ with party’s ‘number two’, there was no break on his ‘free flight’, as he was believed to have special blessings from the PM and the Sangh. Time passed and Yogi’s administrative confusion increased, now the situation has reached the point that his number two is on his throne. Nearly two weeks back, Uttar Pradesh’s Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya had himself tweeted about him being corona positive and then the news came that he was in Quarantine but in Delhi. Sources were also quoted as saying that he is doing political lobbying for himself while living in Delhi. According to sources, during this period, apart from some prominent leaders of BJP, he also met Sangh’s number two Dattatreya Hosabole and Krishna Gopal. Maurya has been trying to establish himself as a replacement for Yogi, and since the Hathras case, as the speculations have spread wings that Yogi may be discharged, Maurya has become increasingly active. It is said that ever since this news has come to Yogi, he has also made his intentions clear that Maurya will have to step down from the post of Deputy CM. In the message sent to the Sangh, it is said that they have made it clear that ‘if there is a danger of resentment of OBC votes by removing Maurya, then he is ready to replace Keshav with Swami Prasad Maurya as Deputy CM’. This means that the bigul of the war has been blown and Yogi has to show political maneuvering by controlling his feelings.

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