Kejriwal’s Sisodia trick

December 22 2013

AAP’s founder Arvind Kejriwal wants to move out of the comfort zone and take chances. While the party is struggling to take a decision whether it should form a government in Delhi with the Congress support, Kejriwal played another hand at the party’s core team meeting. This was that if the party will need to form a government in Delhi, Manish Sisodia will be the next chief minister of Delhi. The reason being that Kejriwal wants to keep himself free for the Lok Sabha elections; after all, his party has zeroed in on nearly 150 seats with opportunities all over India. Kejriwal wants AAP to make a difference at these seats. Maybe that is reason that in AAP’s letter to the residents of Delhi, nowhere was it mentioned that if AAP forms a government in the state, Arvind Kejriwal will be the chief minister.

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