Kejriwal’s homecoming

March 19 2018

Arvind Kejriwal’s stars are seemingly diminishing. Even after so much effort, the pain of being the chief minister of only half the state is something that is eating him alive. Apology by Majithia has become a big political issue. A rebellion has sparked from within the party.
So, while telling of his anguish to the close aides, Kejriwal has expressed his desire that now he wants to become the Chief Minister of Haryana. Haryana is not only his home state, but there are also a considerable number of native voters.
On March 25, Kejriwal is going to stage a big rally in Haryana. In order to make this rally a huge success, Haryana AAP chief Naveen Jai Hind and recently appointed Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Gupta are leaving no stone unturned. To gather more and more people for the rally, the party workers are handing out invites in form of auspicious yellow rice. The original proclamation of the rally too is: “The homecoming of son.”

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