Kejri’s EVM PC

March 19 2017

All the fiery anti-Modi regional satraps, including Akhilesh, Lalu, Mayawati, Mamata and others had perhaps realised well before the poll results, that out of the five states being counted, it may well-nigh be impossible to stop the lotus from blooming in four states. And as and when the initial trends started showing up on TV on March 11, one by one they all called up Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and wanted him to raise the issue of doctored EVMs. It was also decided that to up the ante on this, Kejriwal would hold a press conference in the afternoon of March 11. But the latter postponed holding the media meet till the next day, for he needed to understand the full mechanism of how EVMs can be tinkered. To do that, sources say, Kejriwal summoned his friend Shreekant from Hyderabad. Apparently, the techie had studied in IIT with Kejriwal. The friend reached Delhi and gave a complete demo to Kejriwal on how the machines can be tampered with. It is only after that, that Kejriwal held his PC.

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