Kejri’s Days Numbered

May 07 2017

Is Aam Aadmi Party and its boss, Arvind Kejriwal likely to lose their rule over Delhi due to his direct personal attacks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi? It is being said that Modi’s blue-eyed boy and party strategy master Amit Shah has already prepared his ground plan for this, and if things go as he has planned, Kejriwal and AAP might soon see their powers gone. This seemed plausible also from the statement of BJP’s Delhi in-charge Shyam Jaju, who has said that there may be a change in power in Delhi over the next three or four months. After the crippling defeat in the by-poll at Rajouri Garden, AAP has just 66 MLAs. Of them, three or four are embroiled in court cases. Meanwhile, the fate of the 21 MLAs of AAP is hanging fire, and if the Election Commission sends them packing, then around 15 other party MLAs might swing. They are already in contact with the BJP, aided and abetted by Kejriwal’s former comrade and now the head of the Swaraj Party, Yogendra Yadav, and the now disgruntled AAP leader Kumar Vishwas, sources reveal. BJP is clearly all set to strike, with the crunch time being when the internecine clash within AAP ripens to an imploding point.

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