Kejri’s antics

May 11 2014

With a revolutionary bent of mind, Arvind Kejriwal has often got his name included in the list of atheists. But is it a mere coincidence that just before the elections, he remembers Bajrangbali, who can take on the strongest of enemies? During Delhi’s Assembly elections, too, he had his office right behind the famous Hanuman Mandir near Connaught Place in Delhi. It is said that he would start his day only after paying a visit to the Hanuman Temple. In Varanasi, too, his residence is behind the famous Sankat Mochan Temple. It is said that Kejriwal’s father was a fan of the Sangh ideology in one way or another and so Kejriwal’s political strategy also somehow seems to be inspired by the Sangh. Just like Sangh, Kejriwal’s entire attention was on reaching out to the common people. He visited more than 5,000 households personally and asked for votes. Among the Muslim voters in Varanasi, about 75 per cent are Ansari votes. Kejriwal had given the job of influencing them to Shazia Ilmi, who has been in the news for fanatic thinking.

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