Katiyar surrenders

April 26 2014

When the BJP decided to contest Lallu Singh, who lost the Assembly elections, from Faizabad and announced its decision, Vinay Katiyar took such offence to it that he left the Central Election Committee and walked out. It is said about Vinay Katiyar that in the last elections, too, instead of making attempts to win from his own seat, all his energies and focus was on how to ensure Lallu’s defeat. The result was that Lallu lost from his constituency and Katiyar too couldn’t save his seat. But this time Narendra Modi, BJP’s prime ministerial candidate has made clear is priorities about winning from Ayodhya, Mathura and Varanasi, so much so that not only is Team-Modi is camping out in Ayodhya, that is Faizabad, to ensure Lallu Singh’s win, the Sangh is monitoring the entire election in Faizabad. The party is keeping a special eye out on such party members who are indulging in anti-party activities. Realising the gravity of the situation, Katiyar, too, is on his behaviour, so much so that he was seen with Lallu when he was filing his nomination.


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