Kashi Naresh’s caste affliction

April 26 2014

Narendra Modi himself had called Varanasi’s royal descendant Anant Narayan Singh on the phone and requested that he become the proposer for his nomination. Modi wanted one of the descendants of Varanasi’s royal family to be present during his nomination, but Anant Narayan Singh politely passed the offer saying he has consciously tried to stay away from active politics and in a sense, he has no interest in politics. While the real truth is that Varanasi’s Congress candidate Ajay Rai, who is related to the Bhumihar caste, had already established contact with Anant Narayan along with some of his friends, and had appealed to Anant Narayan that since he belonged to the Bhumihar caste himself and was their descendant, the Bhumihar would appear to be divided if he sided with Modi, that is the BJP. Understanding the logic behind Ajay Rai’s appeal, Kashi Naresh Anant Narayan Singh decided to turn down the offer of becoming Modi’s proposer.

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