Karnataka election results

May 28 2023

The picture that was emerging in Karnataka since the time of election campaign, the election results also came out similar to this. In Kalyan Karnataka, Kittur and South Karnataka, the Congress hit the ground as expected. The BJP was successful in making the lotus bloom in Coastal Karnataka and Bengaluru. JDS stronghold itself has been breached at many places. It also seemed that instead of counting its development works, the BJP got trapped in the web woven by the Congress, so instead of raising legitimate issues, it picked up the ‘mace of Bajrang Bali’. In fact, while deciding the manifesto of the Congress, it was agreed that the Congress would ban organizations that divide the society on the basis of religion. But G. Parameshwara, the Chairman of the Manifesto Committee, deliberately inserted the names of Bajrang Dal and PFI in it, so that the BJP would be embroiled in the issue of ‘Bajrang Bali’ and that is exactly what happened.

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