Kanishka on the back burner

August 09 2015

Has the Gandhi family relegated Kanishka Singh to the back burner? He is spending most of his time in Jawahar Bhavan rather than Rahul’s residence, although he is seen doing some work for Priyanka now and then. But the most active member of Priyanka’s office is Preeti Sahay, who even fixes appointments for people due to meet Priyanka. Sources say that a few days ago, two veteran loyalists met Sonia Gandhi with a list, which contained the names of industrialists and builders from whom Kanishka and his brother Shashank had benefited in some way or the other. The two leaders complained to Sonia that Kanishka had taken undue advantage of the party being in power at the centre and in several states. Sonia listened to the two leaders and remarked, “I have made a note of what you had to say. But now we shouldn’t fight with those who are our own, but with others.” Thereafter, however, Kanishka is being kept away from the Congress and Rahul. But because he has been Rahul’s confidante for a long time, the Gandhi family won’t find it easy to isolate him all of a sudden.

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