Kanhaiya to contest in 2019?

March 08 2016

When politics is contaminated with self-delusion, stubbornness, and mistakes, the moves and countermoves on the chessboard start to play out against your favour. The same happened in Kanhaiya’s case. Knowingly or unknowingly, the BJP and Sangh have made an anonymous Kanhaiya into a hero for India’s youth. Would things have been different if Kanhaiya’s name was not Kanhaiya, but Khaled or something else? In our mythological tales, Kanhaiya not only does the Raas, as well as the Leela, and when needed, he proves himself as an able charioteer as well in the battleground. With Kanhaiya, the government’s top brass, too, made some mistakes. He is from a regular Bhoomihar family from Begusarai district in Bihar. The anchors of Bihar’s Mahagathbandhan have decided in a meeting among themselves that Kanhaiya will be the coalition’s candidate from Begusarai in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. It is worth nothing that this is a Bhoomihar-majority seat. Looks like at least Kanhaiya’s Acche Din are about to come.

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