Kalyan vs Bansal

July 24 2016

Om Mathur and Sunil Bansal went to meet UP’s former chief minister and current governor of Rajasthan Kalyan Singh. According to sources, Bansal requested Kalyan that he should try and propagate the BJP through NGOs. Considering the position of the governor, politics needs to be carefully immersed in non-political ways. Kalyan listener carefully to what Bansal had to say, and then told him, “You want to use me, but you don’t even know how. The other thing, Mr Bansal is, that when you had work with me, you came all the way to Jaipur to meet me. And when I called you about my son Raju Bhaia so many times, you didn’t even take my call.” Bansal sahib went to Shah and told him what happened.

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