Kalraj’s today

May 23 2016

Sensing significant reshuffle in the Cabinet, BJP leader and Central Minister Kalraj Mishra is also busy doing the rounds to save his post. The news that is trickling in from political gossip is that nearly 75 ministers will lose their posts in the probably Cabinet reshuffle. But the bigger question is, when will the reshuffle take place? After the election results of the five states, the prime minister has started his foreign travels yet again. Someone told Mishra ji that he should go and meet P K Mishra in the PMO, since he is currently the eyes and ears of the prime minister. So Kalraj ji went to meet Mishra ji, and told him about his misgivings. Sources say P K Mishra told Kalraj that the PM gives importance to work over experience and age. So he should get out of this hand-wringing phase and set his ministry in order. This will make sure his post is safe. It is said Kalraj Mishra has repeated the guru mantra to Najma Apa as well.

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