Kabir Panthis are campaigning for Modi

March 30 2014

Bhartiya Janta Party is giving its all in Varanasi because Narendra Modi is scheduled to contest from there. And the saffron party’s communications department is trying out all kinds of traditional and new ways to campaign. Care is being taken that the message reaches all peoples at all levels. Varanasi is also called Kabir’s land, and thus Modi’s sena has sent a group of 200 Kabir Panthis from Gujarat to Varanasi, who is talking about Modi just like the sing Kabir’s couplets. This group of Kabir Panthis will not limit itself to campaign in Varanasi alone but will meet with and appeal to the Sadhu community and the common people in Purvanchal to vote for Modi and make him win. This group is based out of Mooldagi Math near Kabir Chaura. Kabir bhajans have really picked up in Varanasi even since the group arrived in the city. 

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