Jayant’s Christmas party

January 06 2016

Usually out of depth in the political ocean, State Minister for Finance Jayant Sinha has suddenly come into the limelight. He hosted a big Christmas party at his official residence a few days ago, and his people fanned the speculation that the prime minister himself will be there for the lunch party. At this, some minister friends informed Sinha that the prime minister will be on a foreign tour at that time. Sources say that Sinha innocently replied to this saying, “Arun Jaitley will be there for lunch and my father Yashwant Sinha will be there as well. A big part of media will also be attending the event.” In the ministers’ eyes, Yashwant Sinha is a ticking time bomb that can go off any time. Fearing something like this, most ministers decided not to attend the party. Arun Jaitley did come for a while but returned soon thereafter saying he has a boil on his foot, which needs hot compressions. The most surprising thing was that Mrs Jayant Sinha was absent from the event.

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