Jayant and Dushyant off to become ministers

August 03 2014

Speculation is rife that after the completion of the current Parliament session on August 14, the much-awaited expansion of Modi’s Cabinet might take place and about a dozen new ministers might add zing to Modi’s government. The big question is if daughter and son politicians will get lucky or not. For instance, Vasundhara’s son Dushyant has given his mother an ultimatum that if she is still unable to make him a minister this time, he will go to his London flat and sulk there. Yashwant Sinha’s foreign returned son is eyeing the state minister for finance’s post and it is said that he is liked by Arun Jaitley as well. It is believed that Yashwant has assured his party people that if his son Jayant becomes a minister at the Centre, he would retire from politics in Jharkhand – a good deal, some might say.

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