Jayalalithaa ki jai

July 25 2012

An important Tamilian Central minister in Delhi went to Chennai to meet the Tamil queen Jayalalithaa. The received the politician and made him sit right next to her in her special drawing room. Before discussions could take place, a senior leader from Jayalalithaa’s Cabinet entered and lay prostrate in front of Jayalalithaa and continued to remain so – before the Tamil queen gave other instructions. Jayalalithaa then turned to the leader from Delhi and said, “Let’s start our conversation now.” The minister was a little uncomfortable with the whole scenario wherein a minister was lying down in front his eyes like this and he had to talk like that was nothing out of the ordinary. But the talks started while the minister continued to stay prostrate. Times kept ticking and 22 minutes went past. The minister from Delhi could no longer control himself and requested the Tamil queen to ask the minister to get up. Jayalalithaa suddenly got angry and said, “This man, let him continue like this only, because I have gone through a lot in the male-dominated film industry before I entered politics. But seeing her guest’s discomfort, she told her minister in Tamil to get up and go. Only after he left did the conversation between the two resume.

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