Jat Fizzles Out

August 08 2017

A top BJP Jat leader of Haryana had recently invited all the Jat MLAs of the state to his home for lunch. The agenda was clear: to demand that it is high time for a change of guard in the state and the latter must now be led by some Jat stalwart. The community had already been fired up over the issue of reservation; now at the meeting, it was decided that it would launch a huge agitation on the issue of loan waivers for farmers. Even the strategy and tactic of the agitation were outlined at the lunch. But then, one of the renegades had recorded everything in his mobile handset. He sent the recording to state CM Khattar, who right away had it dispatched to party president Amit Shah. The Shah picked up the phone and landed on the Jat leader like a tonne of bricks, so for now, the frustrated Jats in Haryana have been reined in for a while.

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