Jaitely’s Resignation Rumour!

October 08 2017

BJP has launched a full-fledged investigation into the people behind the rumour that Arun Jaitley had resigned from the Cabinet. A pro-Congress newspaper had even published the news. According to sources, Prime Minister had summoned Amit Shah and Jaitely for a briefing on the eve of GST council meeting on October 2. Jaitely was supposed to present government’s stand while Shah had to present the feedback gathered from the public. Shah’s confidante Bhupendra Yadav had been speaking to small and medium entrepreneurs to find out their problems with the GST. He had prepared a dossier and taken it to the PM. In the meantime, somebody spread a rumour that Jaitely had put in his papers. The ‘news’ reached Rajnath Singh who was in Lucknow. Out of panic Rajnath suspending his official engagements, rushed to Delhi in the apprehension of some untoward development. While social media was abuzz with rumours, Jaitely and Shah emerged out of PM residence unaffected.

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