It’s Jindal vs Chandra in Haryana

June 12 2016

It is said Naveen Jindal has played a significant role in making Zee’s supremo and Narendra Modi’s confidante Subhash Chandra’s road to Rajya Sabha a tough one. Sources say the prime minister wanted to choose Chandra for Rajya Sabha, but the party top man had a different opinion. Thus, it was decided that Chandra would be brought into the Rajya Sabha as the chosen candidate from his hometown Haryana. Sources say Chandra had also spoken to Bhupinder Singh Hooda about it. In the midst of all this, Naveen Jindal rushed to Sonia Gandhi and told her that if a whip was not issued against Congress MLAs in Haryana, there were chances of cross voting in favour of Chandra. At the same time, several Congress MLAs were not agreeing to support R K Anand, who had challenged Chandra with the support of INLD. Thus, Jindal had to placate them with several big promises.

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